1 womanWithout a doubt, the main woman in Joshua life

29 septiembre, 2016


The second stage of change isdecision. Once you thought about making a change, you then either decide to effect a change or not. But remember, if you choose to change or not, you are still making a decision, and you are responsible for that decision.

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wholesale jerseys And my time training means there is not much time for girlfriends either.»That not to say he been all work and no play. Here a run through of the fighter relationships and rumoured romances that we know about.High school sweetheartIt seems any famous man and woman can take a selfie without it leading to rumours and that what happened in 2019 when Joshua and presenter Maya Jama an ex girlfriend of Stormzy were pictured together.But before his fight with Andy Ruiz Jr in June, Joshua said: «So I took a little picture with one of my friends, a musician, his ex, in the gym and it gets blown out of proportion. Like, ‘Ohhhh, what’s he doing with her?’, but we were just working on a shoot.»But then me and him spoke and I said, the bloggers job to blog, it’s the social media guy’s job to make good social content, it’s the internet guy’s job to make clickbait So people take it how they want.»Joshua No.1 womanWithout a doubt, the main woman in Joshua life is his mum.In fact, despite being worth millions, he still lives at home with his mother, Yeta Odusanya, at her two bed property in Golders Green, north London.He bought the modest council flat for her in 2013 for 175,000 when his boxing career took off.She said: «We’re very close, we always have been from day one, he’s my only son.»We live together and he’s always looking out for me. wholesale jerseys

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