Axl Rose will be 699 months for the Strawberry/Rose

2 noviembre, 2015

COMPARTE ESTE CONTENIDO Was just going through my routine, getting ready to play tonight against Buffalo and got the call and as soon as I saw that Pierre was calling I kind of had the idea that I was traded. That being said, I looking forward to an opportunity with a team right in the thick of the race for a playoff spot. We played them recently, it a really good team and they got some really good pieces up front with a good goaltender, a good back end a great coach..

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He played goalie for Arizona State’s club team until 2006. Although he never played professionally, Schoenfeld remained attached to the game, skating with the Coyotes during their offseason workouts at the Ice Den in Scottsdale. He also has been a goalie for Coyotes alumni games, most recently last week, and is the son in law of Arizona equipment manager Stan Miller..

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