Boopsie talking to a Senate subcommittee on C SPAN

13 diciembre, 2015


OK. Boopsie talking to a Senate subcommittee on C SPAN about indecency. Good start if they cut out any hint to last year’s halftime debacle. From 1978 on, Suzuki introduced a new range of twins, the SB200 a softly tuned commuter, with drum brakes a four speed box and conservative styling, the X5 GT200, same piston ported unit as the SB but with increased power and a 5 speed box and front disc brake. The X7 GT 250 unit apart from increased capacity, used a piston ported reed valve induction system linked to a six speed box making for brisk performance and the 100mph top speed claimed by Suzuki was certainly achievable. The X7 had a slightly longer production run than the other two models, from spring of 1978 to the summer of 1983, they sold well during this time but the days of the two stroke twin were numbered as new emission laws were on the way..

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