I follow the sage advice of a wonderful teacher from

16 agosto, 2016


Being a small place, San Marino seems to be close to herd immunity, with 42 deaths so far (at the rate of 1238 deaths per million the highest in the world). If we assume that herd immunity requires 50% of its population to get infected (implicitly 10 15% innate immunity), this yields an IFR of 0.25% for San Marino. I believe this rules out IFR estimates that are lower than this..

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College athletic directorshave come up with a half dozen or more scenarios for football season, including, according to Oklahoma Joe Castiglione, a scenario in which part of the season would be played in spring. One theme gaining wide acceptance: If it not safe enough for students to return to school or attend games, then athletes shouldn be asked to return either. Without the millions from football, all college sports are in peril..

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Then, with about 12 minutes left, host Ryan Seacrest came back on screen. As he read a plug for the Nat Geo series, his speech briefly became noticeably slower and a bit slurred unusual for the longtime host who has handled hundreds of live TV moments. His right eye also suddenly looked swollen, which prompted a flood of concerned viewers on social media to ask if he was okay.

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