I presented this question to reporters

9 julio, 2015


Competing scientists of the period previously saw the beneficial effects of Penicillium on bacterial strains in a petri dish, but it was Alexander Fleming intuition and innovative persistency that allowed him to see patterns where others only saw chaos. Fleming observed the same data that other scientists often disregarded as inconsequential, but he drew a conclusion that was so alien that it took him 12 years to convince chemists to purify and stabilize the crude antibiotic strain. Penicillium was a breadcrumb on Fleming path to cracking the antibiotic code.

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Starting left guard Andrus Peat, a 2018 Pro Bowl selection and 2015 first round pick, broke his arm during New Orleans’ loss to Atlanta and had surgery this week. His recovery could keep him out until the final week of the regular season. Will Clapp, a second year pro out of LSU, was first off the bench to replace Peat during the game.

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