If the party will be outdoors

2 febrero, 2016


THE LEFT AND RIGHT HEMISPHERESThe case of Phineas Gage was forever instructive to neuroscientists about the functional role of the brain frontal lobe. In 1861, a year after Gage died, a French physician named Paul Pierre Broca documented a different correspondence between localized brain injury and specific compromises to intellectual functioning. Broca found that injury to the brain left temporal lobe, located just above the ear, produces specific and profound speech disruption, called aphasia.

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All I would to like say that we don need to look elsewhere. We have the greatest example of how to conduct oneself as a leader with propriety, dignity and taking along everybody views. We have our Congress president Sonia Gandhi, who has been the epitome of what a politician should be dignified, calm, taking all views on board and reaching out to the poorest of the poor and her sacrifice is known to all.

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