No of deaths have come down to 12 today

9 abril, 2016


Boom’s Scheme lets your character gain 1 armour and for each turn that you don’t play it, this increases by 1. If you get Dr. Boom’s scheme now and play it 5 turns later, your character will gain 5 armour and that could save you from an otherwise fatal blow.

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Outside my window is spread out the terrace, at the end of which two chairs sit facing each other. Next to them, just now, two sparrows have landed, and are fighting over their shared meal of a single lizard. From across the road, I can see the giant tree that has changed from blood red to cotton white to moss green in the past few months.

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Cases left in Delhi less than 10,000 today. Delhi is now at the 14th position in terms of active cases. No of deaths have come down to 12 today. Sommers shrugged off the difference, the alternative phrase isn exactly in common use. Data from Google Trends suggests that and gas is a popular search term, while interest in gas and oil hovers near zero. It just one of many clever turns of phrase the industry has used over the years, like coal and oil.

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