O’Keefe has played a significant role in passing

1 agosto, 2016


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wholesale jerseys Nobody knows how they live, what they create, what they achieve as professionals, and how successful they are in their own country.»Shainyan says that fear of losing prestige, money or access to a big audience were the reason no mainstream celebrities advocated for the victims of cheap jerseys the anti gay purges in Chechnya for instance, when a number of people were murdered and detained, and many tortured.Anna Nemtsova/The Daily BeastAnna Nemtsova/The Daily Beast»To Russian celebrities coming out means a political message, a demand for having certain rights,» Shainyan told The Daily Beast.More than one million people have viewed his blog on YouTube in less than three months. «The idea of the project is to attract the attention of a broader audience and expose all the existing myths around LGBTQ people,» Shainyan told The Daily Beast on a recent afternoon.»Since as soon as people hear the word ‘gay’ in the Russian media agenda, it always comes from two poles either from homophobes and state propaganda calling to bring the Soviet criminal law back to the legislation or from LGBT activists, who use the word in the context of their fight, violated rights or clashes with police. These are two radical contexts, while in reality, several million Russian LGBTQ people are muted, they are not represented in the public space.»Some have criticized him for only https://www.isojersey.us interviewing successful LGBTQ people, but Shainyan said he was not trying to «rehabilitate» the image of LGBTQ people in focusing on famous people. wholesale jerseys

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Cheap Jerseys from china Karen O’Keefe is the director of state policies for Marijuana Policy Project. In her current role, she manages’s MPP’s grassroots and direct lobbying efforts in many state legislatures. O’Keefe has played a significant role in passing more than a dozen major cannabis policy reforms, including managing MPP’s state legislative department during the legalization campaigns in Vermont and Illinois.. Cheap Jerseys from china

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