Our goal has always been to take care of the

20 septiembre, 2015


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cheap nba Jerseys from china «Do I have the guilt of getting a server sick?»You’ve heard the argument that spending money at a local place is crucial to keep it in business and its staff employed. But is a parade of people coming in, some of whom unknowingly may have the virus, really fair to those who work there? Are you, in other words, helping or hurting the people involved in the restaurant business by dining out?If you love restaurants, don’t dine in them nowSome take the staunch and perhaps counterintuitive position that if you care about restaurants and their workers, you should not eat or drink at them while the pandemic lasts. Among them are some of the men and women who dine out for a living, including the New York Times California critic Tejal Rao, Los Angeles Times critic Bill Addison and USA TODAY Network’s Arizona Republic critic Dominic Armato.In a column, titled «Why This Restaurant Critic Isn’t Dining Out Right Now,» Sutton, who himself was sickened by COVID 19, wrote: «For me, the low risk of sending a single uninsured waiter to an ICU bed, someone who isn’t really there by choice, in exchange for the pitcher of frozen margaritas you happen to be craving in the late afternoon, is a morally indefensible transaction.»In explaining why he won’t be dining out, Armato put it this way: «The easy thing would be to ignore the ethical implications. cheap nba Jerseys from china

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