The children play in the same part of the garden

19 noviembre, 2015


As this shows, in the 2006/2007 financial year, Scotland got 1502 more per capita than England. Many people say this is incredibly unfair and that England should get a more fair a share of the budget as it does support 5/6 of the UK population by, for example, decreasing money to Scotland and giving it to England thus balancing the amount of money per capita. Yet this does allows Scotland to be financially secure while in the UK and gives the Scottish government sufficient funds to run every devolved power adequately as well as having enough to try to help the economy grow which would there for give Scotland a safer economic and financial future.

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The pattern on James’ shirt and the colour and shape of Philippa’s dress never alters. Nor does the colour of James’ shorts, though they look longer at the start. The children play in the same part of the garden when Cobb returns home as when he first shows them to Ariadne in a dream..

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