The cover manufacturers have been working overtime

19 abril, 2016


Drug and alcohol treatment involves rehabilitation at many levels, physical, social, economic, as well as spiritual. Interestingly, it is the latter facet of rehabilitation that advocates the institutionalization of drug and alcohol treatment recovery homes as a means of addressing the issue of drug and alcohol addiction. Indeed, the spiritual effects of drug and alcohol abuse are many.

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Stress, tension and stirred emotions can aggravate pain. Find ways to reduce the stress in your life; deal with your troubling emotions and your pain likely will decrease. Deep breathing, visualization and other relaxation techniques can help you calm your mind and reduce your pain.

I like to use my cuttlebug to die cut tags and then I run them back through the machine using a cuttlebug embossing folder. This really adds an interesting texture to an otherwise ordinary tag. This technique can also be used on any die cut, although on the smaller images it may be easier to emboss the paper first and then cut them out.

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