The power outage issue is likely the most severe the

8 enero, 2016


Try to identify the stuff which is not of any use in the future. It can be your clothes, furniture or any old packets; anything which you will not use ever. There can be stuff which you are emotionally attached to. 8, 2011, according to its USGS gage.Some roads remained closed in Lehigh, Northampton and Warren counties, officials said.The National Weather Service confirmed six tornados touched down during the storm: in Bucks County and Montgomery County in Pennsylvania, Ocean and Cape May counties in New Jersey, one in Kent and New Castle counties in Delaware as well as one in Queen Anne’s County in Maryland. The weather service update didn’t specify if the Bucks County tornado was in Doylestown, where the roof was ripped from a hospital day care center, but a later report did.The power outage issue is likely the most severe the day after a storm that took a 44 year old woman’s life when the vehicle she was in was swept away by surging water in Upper Saucon Township.At dawn Wednesday, JCP was reporting 12,405 customers without power in Warren County and 18,575 in Hunterdon County. Hardest hit places were Allamuchy Township (2,477),Hackettstown (1,994), Independence Township (1,360) and Washington (1,345) in Warren and Readington Township (3,121), Lebanon Township (2,045) and Raritan Township (1,978) in Hunterdon, the outage site shows.Met Ed had 943 customers out in Northampton County led by Williams Township (221), Moore Township (186) and Easton (129) and 573 out in Lehigh County led by Lynn Township with 412.

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