There are periods when I manage quite well eating

26 junio, 2016


For sure a no brainer, he said Thursday. Love to see the reasoning as to why we aren getting an extra year. Is it financial? We the only sport with an age cap in U Sports. There are periods when I manage quite well eating raw and there are times when I just want to eat cooked food, have coffee and cake and there are days when I crave bread like crazy! However, most of the time I am very good having a Herbalife shake or freshly squeezed vegetable juice in the morning, eat a proper meal at lunch and something light in the evening. I was brought up in Hungary, where our main meal is lunch and we don’t eat heavy or main meal for dinner before going to bed. There was a period after moving to Australia when I tried to have the main meal at dinner but I was not sleeping well.

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