This is typically cut into equal sized sections

20 febrero, 2016


The Chernobyl zone is a sad reminder of the events that happened dozens of years ago. No wonder, thousands of tourists from Ukraine and abroad wish to visit the place to see the way it looks now. That is why, lots of travel agencies offer the tourists a chance to take the chernobyl trip.

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There was no such thing as a refrigerator. It could also be for this reason that fewer women went to work. Another interesting thing that they shared with me was that the pace of life was much slower then and there was no such thing as »instant». Many traders lack the flexibility to go with the flow of the market, continually looking for fixed reference points upon which to base their opinions. This attitude flies in the face of good trading psychology. In a market that is changing its character quickly longer term forecasting for investment portfolios has become a big challenge, as many a pension fund manager would tell you..

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