We [recently] started delivery services; it expands

4 marzo, 2016


This number shows latest NAV (Net Asset Value) and change in the NAV from previous day. NAV is nothing but the unit price for the fund. You will be allocated number of units based on this price. [The community] has been crucial a lot of our customers have been either people that we know or who have walked by and been curious. Fortunately, people have been coming back. We [recently] started delivery services; it expands our reach beyond the local community.

Mildred died on May 2, 2008. I have little doubt that she would be terribly disappointed to learn that six months after her death, voters in California, Arizona and Florida voted to deny equal rights to gay couples who choose to marry. I suspect that Mildred would be even more disappointed to learn that African Americans in California voted by a 70 30 margin, according to CNN exit polls, to support the proposition outlawing gay marriage..

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