While some businesses in several Pennsylvania

10 septiembre, 2016


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cheap jerseys Quality time isn’t glam. We just chill. Just some food and nice conversation. Will you need a reservation to go to Hersheypark or Knoebels? How Pa. Amusement parks could handle coronavirus changes Updated May 19, 2020; Posted May 18, 2020Chalk artwork that reads «Go away virus, we want to go go Knoebels!» submitted to the Knoebels Amusement Resort official Facebook page. The coronavirus pandemic has caused amusement parks across the state to postpone their openings for the 2020 season, and to consider drastic new steps to ensure social distancing among their guests when they do reopen.While some businesses in several Pennsylvania counties may plan to carefully reopen under the «yellow» designation of Governor Tom Wolf’s color coded COVID 19 recovery plan, the amusement park industry isn’t one of them.Groups of 25 or more are still banned until reaching the «green» stage of the governor’s plan. cheap jerseys

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