WYP, we talk about the ways time in nature, and

29 septiembre, 2016


It isn an it a You can use pasteurization for salty water. For that, though, you need heat money. It might be possible to use solar energy to get the water from the ocean. In Victorian England «Drat» was borderline acceptable but when George Bernard Shaw included «Not bloody likely!» in Eliza Doolittle’s lines the audience was appalled despite the theatrical context. And you certainly did not hear Jane Austen’s heroines dropping F bombs or the likes of Mr. Darcy referring to any love interests as his» ho», though he might have reconsidered had he known that the Merriam Webster dictionary recognizes it as part of our modern lexicon.

The World Cup in Russia had quite a few firsts. It was the first World Cup to be held in Eastern Europe and was reportedly the most expensive one, with an estimated cost of over 14 billion US dollars. The Russia tournament also saw the use of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) for first time in World Cup history..

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